Edinburgh College of Art is where my new studio is. I am making paintings and reading a lot of theoretical words and then thinking about them and then discussing ideas in seminars. It is intense and inspirational. Scotland is much colder than my last home, which was in Taiwan. Today I have a wet sock, as the sole of my shoe has cracked. And it is raining. Its jolly nice to be in Scotland in the most though. I like being able to wear jumpers again. And drink hot things.

I do like bagpipe music too.

I miss our motorbike in Taiwan and the mountains and the hazy pink sun sinking into the shiny warm ocean. And I miss the iridescent fish. And the vastness upon our roof on the 17th floor. It’s nice to be part of the sky.

Perhaps I’ll sell some paintings and we’ll be able to buy seats on an aeroplane.

And fly there again. 


we were here for last year, MFA 1, it was a whirling whoosh of experimentation, a time of contemplating, questioning and deconstructing processes, methods and ways of thinking

a hard and disconcerting time, a really positive time of expanding experiences, knowledge and aspirations- to be a painter.

Then we went to Asia for 3.5 months june- september, we flew to join my brother in his family home in THE NEW TERRITORIES, HONG KONG. Kyle and I surfed back into an asian existence and spent two anxious weeks trying to secure work  (a main reason to visit the east was to earn some casheesh for summertime survival/ MFA2 funding.)

i joined an agency and taught teenagers in Private School UniFORM Buttoned-Up Schools 

Science, English language, Summer Bridging Camp 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, an English Ambassador Workshop and also Art lessons and Creative Holiday Workshops for smaller children, 3-12.

i also had a two year old private student called WYATT, i visited his home and  we played with cars and play dough and i constructed useful educational English Language sentences for him to listen to and repeat and then I got so many rich dollars put in to my envelope hand.

we worked, we created, i painted on the roof in my bikini and then dripped to the deck and lay and read and drew. Kyle sat with the fans inside, out of the glare and with recorded sounds.

we drank a lot of DIET COKE LEMON with straws from 7/11 fridges on the street.

we had a mad time with my brothers family. They went to Europe for 6 weeks and i missed them

Then they came back and we went on boats to islands and swam in the sea and played on the roof and Edward and I rented a canoe and paddled to PINEAPPLE ISLAND and we talked about what i meant by peace, he didn’t understand what i meant when i said ‘i am constantly striving for balance between all elements of me, peace and internal and external harmony’, then Edward had a breakdown and we went to hospital and it was extremely scary and it took me 8 weeks to come down from the adrenalin gush gush gushing up and through and out and all around me. we had once mad week. He and i fell asleep on Tuesday after one doctor and three social workers came to visit from A & E and the psychiatric ward. they gave me permission to call 999 anytime Ed was feeling vulnerable, or we were…When we woke up, over the next few days Ed became human again, he said he now understood what i meant about desiring peace and he is learning how to feel peaceful whilst unpicking his years and years of un-addressed issues and his doctor is prescribing combinations of chemical pills to help him obtain mental balance after his new diagnosis: Bi-polar. It was difficult to contemplate leaving that ship but he showed me he could help himself be OK.

So we flew to Taiwan for ten days

w o n d e r f u l   h o m e

a beautiful atmosphere, freedom, peace, magical warm currents flowing through the air,around the mountains and up and down in and out of the ocean, sea and sky

we were welcomed by it all and all the lovely souls we re-met and we opened our hearts to it all again.

we adventured and discovered new Taiwanese heights and then we knew it had become an open land to us and we would be able to return

we flew back to HK to have fair well time with the family, put some pieces from our Asian months in to bags, make safety folders to transport our summer works and visit the Golden Computer Arcade (for the machine upon which i write), and the essential Tsing Cha shop and then early morning goodbyes and heavily laden jogs down the hill to flag a taxi, waves to the monkeys and fig trees, to Mr Mel and dear old Mr Ho and I LOVE YOU HEARTS TOGETHER GOODBYE ED GOODBYE GEORGE, GOOD LUCK IN SCOTLAND, GOOD LUCK IN ASIA, HAVE GOOD TIMES UNTILL WE MEET AGAIN, IN THE FUTURE HOORAH



the degree show:



2 thoughts on “georgia rose murray

  1. Hi Georgia, I already have one of your paintings (magnifying glass) and would love to buy more – are you selling any at the moment?

    • Hello Jo,
      Thank you for your message- it’s a lovely surprise.
      I would love to organise for you to receive another work. Are you interested in the other painting in the ‘Magnifying Glass’ collection? It is situated in Northumberland, with a lot of my 2008- 2010 paintings. I am very fond of these works and hope for them to exist beyond storage- especially the other painting which you may have originally seen on The Culture Label website.
      Currently I live and paint in Edinburgh and am working for a new solo show at Summerhall in June.
      Please email me at: theabyssofpaint@live.co.uk and I can give you my telephone number also.
      Thank you for your interest in my paintings.
      Best wishes,

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