This was what i said upon walking in towards the painting the 

morning after

I had reluctantly had to leave a bird with half painted eyes-  really the bird needed to pertain crystal 

clarity drops

defined pupils

and they were not possible on top of milky wet blue whites

so she had a misty night

and in the morning light became bright and the face did sparkle with definition.

What do the people in the painting need to look like?


integrated with the landscape

that is colour


flesh melting with purple hills

they began as Scottish Heather covered distant mounds

and grew to become

a piece of the globe, drifting peacefully as part of the Universe.

I knew I wanted a representation of flesh

a piece of reality captured through  the depiction of skin

and we are here, constantly turning, happily intuitively with the world- open and free and living now

and so stood, in the sunlight, warm, comfortable, very safe

Absorbed by and enlivened, as part of the landscapes we experience, adjust to, absorb, let in, pass beyond.

And over time that representation, although beautiful, came to feel unnecessary. As  if our peaceful presence and sense of contentment did not need to be portrayed via paint whatsoever, as if what is there does not need to be spelled  out- it is all around, dancing with most elements of universal happenings, it is the  soul, spirit, intuition, hearts in communication- it is all around in everything and it feels beautiful. Let it be- invisible and wonderful- the beings are exquisite but they are not the complete essence- so just let that essence be un-captured,

let it be free

Faces can be painted when its right.

I needed to down tempo and freshen up the purple  mountain and create simplicity between us and the landscape. Yes that is what I thought for a few weeks- we could work, we represent contented peaceful safety and freedom

i don’t really think the depiction i made was a suitable scale or intensity for THE BIGGEST PAINTING 

so when i knew flesh was represented elsewhere (JONAH’S HEAD LOOKING THROUGH THE WHITE DIAMOND DEEP IN SPACE) i knew  

that attempted representation of idyllic love

could finally leave the purple mountain on the outside-

it Is


the purple mountain-

the purple mountain is in it







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