i am doing something huge,
which i am in the middle of:
i am accepting snakes
and all that they stand for
this has been a life long fear
i am prickling and thinking that they’re on me and around my neck today
i’m experiencing sensations which are unpleasant but also it is exciting, it feels so significant, it is about letting go and letting be
i dreampt about a snake again last night
a black head and white stripes
and have spent hours researching  looking at them/ feeling terrified but going into that feeling, on the internet and now i am painting a giant snake above and around me
i feel concerned for snake welfare. If i wanted i could order a Chinese Sea Snake for about twenty $’s from a site. where are they kept, who found them? When I was face to face with a striped Chinese Sea Snake of the coast off Green Island, Taiwan, it’s presence was magical, its movement majestic, its intelligence undefinable,  a beautiful creature, aware of itself and aware of me and there was harmonious living happening all surrounded by water. The Pacific Ocean, clarity, peace. Those creatures should be free to live.
my heart had never beat fast, i swam for what i thought was my life but i felt that creatures peace towards me also. feeling thinking acting, keep it all in balance. LET BE

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