last year i experimented with canvas and linen as acquired materials which provided free large malleable surfaces

I scrub-painted watery ink, acrylic and pigments on them

to create landscapes with text and mandarin characters

.There were humming birds too


i didn’t really know where i was

betwixt east and west

Taiwan/ ECA

. As movable surfaces they were excitingly large

working energetically, up and down ladders when hung,

bare-footed hoping (and upon-knee shuffling across,)

between wet and dry patches on the floor when lying flat.

However i had never been much drawn to painting on a textured woven surface and so had not, for years prepared pieces of canvas

with the intention of creating traditionally finished works, stretched over frames

BUT at the beginning of this year I was offered a large piece of primed canvas and i took it

it has been living beneath my desk for seven weeks


Lucy Stein encouraged me to experiment with making canvas paintings now

as the marks i was making on boards may translate well..

i am painting on stretched and unstretched canvas, it allows for expressive scrubbings and jaggedy marks to do with outletting narrative and

emotional songs

it is here

i have two walls for board and two walls for canvas and I have started to make mono-prints as another method of expression

with drawing and also quick WHITE SPACE paintings on A3 paper.

WE discussed winifred nicholson, Carol Gibbins, Maria Lassnig, Shawn Landis, Mira Schor, Peter Lanyan, Oscar Murillo, Jutta Koether,


i am searching for whats is a constantly evolving understanding of ones place within it



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