NEIL MULHOLLAND: Imitate, Transmission, variation. MEMETICS. When is a memes identified as a memes? HINDSIGHT

SUSANNA THOMPSON: ADAPTATION AND PARODY, collaged, montaged, appropriated imagery

SUZANNE RAMSTHALLER: IGNOR THE GAP, translation theories. Intermediality, ALL MEDIUMS ARE MIXED MEDIA …Dance theatre cannot become painting..? COPYING. Scale and perceptions. Minuscule, ‘normal’, gigantic- different to THE HUman boDY!

JOHN BEAGLES: Alternative worlds, extra dimensions- GAMING. anti-social/ azbo’s SLASH creative, mind expanding. http://www.thelastusof.com The Lusory Attitude…

LAURA EDBROOK: Adaptation in Literature. Her book. A million penguins- 1 novel, 1 page written by each member of a community- it didn’t work. Unlike collaborations with the visual, text needs to follow a story and form


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