day four

real painting for hours

settling onwards

yesterday and tuesday were painting days too

monday was quite a sleepy re adjustment

jeg laggy slow jitter  got the shakeys and all week

all days i have been scatty

unconsciously opperating, finding the paths to western identity, culture, scottish living- ie the need to choose jumpers and socks and a pair of waterproof shoes

gloves for the bicycle transport\its cold and i need a lot more quipment here to feel comfortable

i like living out of a rucksac

i like having a studio too and unpacking my pigments and coloured world has been a dream

exciting every moment endorphin boom

colour eyes soul sing


here i am painting i am happy





now i am here in Scotland

i will make windows to the east

EQUINOX. light and darkness through out the year. throughout each day the east and west see light and darkness at different times..


NOX    <>    DIEM

consider David Salle

i shall


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