positive productive and inspirational questions

how are you going to make these look like your paintings?

lots of people use mountains and birds and trees, how will these become your

mountains and birds and trees?

what do you mean?

why am i painting? what am i painting? what does it mean to use eastern imagery in a cold scottish city?

its a bout continuing to explore the inner fusion i am absorbed in and the external fusion that i am witnesses as an important evolution upon the earth at the time.

artists to look at:

i shall make an effort to become more aware of what is going on around me in the contemporary painting world

“and if you do not relate to many working artists look at people who worked in the 50’s”

i am going against the fashionable grain and aspire to make large, larger paintings

Peter Lanyan

Amy Sillman

Laura Owen

Fiona Rae

Beatrice Milhazes

Franz Ackermann

Victoria Morten

Elizabeth Peyton

Zara Idelsohn

Alex Dordoy

Patrick Heron

consider the work of and be aware of other painters

as i can

learn from them



Surfaces, primer, paper, board. Definitely something solid. Prime a surface that will provide a satisfactory background for my two styles of paintings- waterbased delicate intricate marks and expressive thicker, larger brushes swaying strokes.

let painting be exciting as it is and make it a priority and do it 

do lots of painting

make lots of paintings



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