I find it difficult to discuss paintings which are at delicate stages of production, i find i loose my voice because i don’t think words have much to do with the journey which I am taking through mind, imagination, eyes, mind, soul and body. It is a process which encompasses my whole self and I think words disturb and interrupt the acute connections which are swirling betwixt all elements of myself and of the painting and the colours and brushes I am using!

and i thought about Mamma Andersson


when one begins to look and continues to decipher great detail

enhanced vision swirls and the things we began looking at never

look the same again

georgia: 2012: trees

positive conversations about our involvement (as humans) with the landscape

its history

its changes over time

how do we know what it looked like before we were here? Is it possible to imagine, do we see occassional pieces of land which represent a pathway backwards into what uSEd to be?

TheAberdeenshire fields Kristin knows the shapes of the land, as I knowFifeor northumberland, for when we spend time observing and absorbing angles, curves, lines, atmospheres| become ingrained and small shifts affect like daggers



beautifully hazey mystic tree scenes



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