not sinister

simple but preparatorily strenuously laborious



inside the sky. inside a camera. inside the castle. inside somewhere incredibly safe

calming for eyes to not be able to identify detail

an ideal situation to put a baby to sleep

i identify more with a child who requests a little light

an indicator of life of safety of warm presence

there is something there that will look after you. its glowing brightly and wont let you be alone

like being at a warehouse party when the generator breaks

compelled to whistle round in circles following the horizon with an outstretched arm and finger around the wobbly dividing circle of space

there is a lot more earth than sky. if that is on the top. and less landscape, if that is on the bottom but its lighter because its more real because that is what we know

perhaps being alone would increase the fundamental poignancy of light.space.tone.shadow. there would be less of a cumbersome mass of troll like morphing shapes dancing in scale depending on which wall they fall upon

and with tone we link spaces sharing similar tones so blobbish figures like flotsam bumbled along the floors horizon line are like dark holes as the large rectangle of black is like an endless piece of deep sky. people and nighttime do not relate on that plane. i think removing the bodies from the room would create a more straightforward narrative.

and the castle is upside down because as american and Canadian citizens existing temporarily in Scotland the castles significance is waxed in relation to that of Edinburgh based children

and when one is away things can seem backwards, confusing, undefined, fuzzy and up





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