Carnival, merry go round?


There is a tent in the sculpture court.


“its for the fair”


“its early”


“just put it up”


“where can I stay?”


He went to the hostel round the corner.


NOMADIC is a seven letter word.


Diego: “Do you know the German Artist who paints upside down?”


Yes Georges Baselitz. For all sorts of reasons.




Opening talk: we don’t all fit in to CO2


Sculpture court: People all doing their own thing. Lots of artists have lots of ideas and can get on with making real physical things out of musings and plans and people ask lots of questions and request information of each other.


I have enjoyed moments of working in the present, separate from current studio works. I checked out a frame from Fraser and Lewis’s Object Library and have made a swarm of swirling birds. Perhaps I could do something similar in the sculpture court; flowing flight, a constant circle, representing collaboration between four art schools, four compass points, north, south, east and west. Red, blue, yellow and pink.



ROLE PLAY CRITS: Lead by Patricia, Georgia and Nialle. 10:30- 12:30, 13:30- 15:30: 28th of February 2012. Sculpture Court. RCA, Sheffield, Ghent, ECA students interpreting each others work from the first person POV.





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