‘WALLINGER V’S BANKSY’ Jeroen Laureyns:

Mark Wallinger- Turner Prize winner. Political artist.

“StateBritain”, 2007. (The Tate Britain- aTEMPLE).

Anti Iraq War Protest replicating Brian Haws war protest- permanent protestor in front ofWestminsterPalace, houses of parliament for several years!

1 KM around parliament = protests banned and TATE BRITAIN IS HALF IN AND HALF OUT OF THE 1KM ZONE!

“things that make you look suspicious when entering the west”.

translations                             existential

“if artists hide under the arms of an institution…how can it be a real or relevant…protest?”

Bart DE BAEre (director Mu HKA).

“the museum of cont. art is the last free space in society”.LIBERTYRESTRICTED TO AN INSTITUTION

Gregor Schneider- Guantanamo reconstruction.

Contemporary art becomes a tradition: 1989- 2011

60’s- 70’s art became the tradition to be repeated- inspiration to younger generations


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