the painting of the painting has happened

in three studios

on three floors


and i shall put it on the wall on number 2 in c27

there is some light in number 2, most like in the world

there is a secret mountain

a magical peak from the west coast| a real illusion on the east coast

painting is about relating experiences of reality to imagined lands of transcendence and contemplating the constant flux between the two


Dear Gordon,
I have been painting in B28 recently, as my painting is too large for my C27 studio. Andrew Sneddon has been really kind in supporting trying to find me space to paint and he mentioned that you said it might be OK to use E12 sometimes. B28 has not been ideal as my painting has been moved several times to different positions and the space does not feel harmonious due to different people having it booked for classes all throughout the week and evenings. Today I moved my painting up in to E12 and put it against the wall. I did this excitedly at the thought of it being in a place where its presence would be respected and had the feeling from Andrew that it would be fine however i am sorry to not have asked you first! Please let me know if you would like me to move it out or the wall is needed. It would be very lovely to be able to use the room whenever it is not needed (painting on saturdays is great for me and any weekdays/ evenings would be excellent if possible.)
Hope all is well

laborious and greatly big and allllll inclusive of all the components:)


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