A suggestion that there is more beneath a things surface than is initially visible is ensnaring, intriguing and abundant with beauty.


L.S. Lowry’s painting ‘MountainLake’, 1943 is small and simple in composition compared to his plethora of figuratively and architecturally detailed works.


The minimal palette, amount of detail and size of the painting, suggest the artist felt humbled by the grandeur of such a simplistically serene scene.


The landscape is minimally descriptive yet the angles Lowry placed describing the lines of the land and the edges of the lake portray a wonderful sense of perspective.


The bright water shines in tone ahead of the sky, depicting an open winged bird which levitates beautifully and encompasses a sense of sacred flight.


Emphasis is focused on the gleaming water however tentatively painted darker areas of land and sky are filled with mysticism, suggesting the landscape offered Lowry a deeply layered experience. 


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