The Poly seismic role of the Curator:


Curator ofDublinCityArtGallery


Richard Tuttle-New YorkArtist. Loved by artists today. Radical practice.

Exhibition at The Hugh Lane Building- DCAG named “TRIUMPHS”.


1998: The Francis Bacon Project- “Francis Bacon: Terrible Beauty.” Exhibition to celebrate his Centenary (20th Oct 2009.)


The role of the curator has changed over time… Uber Curators arrived (sooper.)

As a curator you have a duty to the public. [quote in essay: CURATORS SHOULD BE A PUBLIC FOOTBRIDGE.]

Curators put weight on meaning.

Artists who like to curate need a platform, a public space.


A BOOK TO READ: Things you need to know to be a curator. (By The Surpentine Gallery Curator.)



The integrity of a galleries annual programme. Galleries often have themes i.e. Irish Artists.


Challenging perceptions.

Involving audiences.

Platforming artists.


The artists lead the way and curators follow.


Brien O’Doherty: Inside the white room: The Curated Object.


The unity of opposites.


John Lowry: AGlasgowBoy Painter fromBelfast. Yeats “A Terrible Beauty”.


Exhibition notes on plaque: notes from the time that the paintings were first installed, not a contemporary interpretation of an old work.


Artists either like to work closely with curators OR let their works be interpreted.


Howard Hodgkins.LibertyFabrics. Richard Hamilton.

RotaDone: The medium makes the work and is the message of the work.

Old newspapers create the narrative.

Irish Symbolist: George Russel THE GOLDEN BOUGH.

Paintings on walls as they provides space for artworks to exist.



Ears= strong metaphor for sensibility.

Curator= interpreters. One must decide (artist or curator) whether to personalise ones interpretation of artworks- ones own or other peoples.

In a studio judgement of artworks is suspended- it is the artists own domain. IN a place of exhibition interpretation and ownership and judgement becomes shared.





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