discussing the element of exploration present in my work now and really since adjusting to being back in the UK once more

i feel that it is a little uncomfortable to not be defining anything as finished but it also feels

that i am

in a stage which I need to ride through

and it is odd but quite exciting

it feel necessary and correct

its got to be all about now i think

i seem to be pushing some internal and external boundaries and playing with breaking conventions and expanding my plethora of context

what has been formed by what has come previously

this shoULD only be altered and happily blown up and re worked!

now i want to translate wonderful experiences of light through eyes to soul or of body on feet and via hands and all senses to places

partaking in the world and being on par with the earth is a present investigation.

so pushing the boundaries of how to display and make final is interesting, perhaps the works i am making are not easily definable because i am not used to working in ways which do not warrant conventionally exhibitable outcomes.

to over analyse or to be an entrepreneur

i think i am that french title


& robust putting it out and saying that S it

and i do listen

gratitude to all comments whenst exhibited and put in a situation demanding critique hoping for critique

not silence

and i move on from my and their own words and do so in a directions which strive to answer the questions i eternally pose about the world and materials and creating and life and reflection upon it as an artist.




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