40 meters

fucked shoes

great to acquire large scale skills

today i made a pavement and the front of a fish and chip shop

met lots of interesting weirdos. am i a weird too? .. allowed to be with those people. no i am quite sane

i am good at mixing colours

that green is too blue

that door needs to be more milky green and il put some deep strong yellow in too

now it is inviting and lovely and much warmer

oh good, wrap it up till the morning, i shall paint the doors when i return

loVE best wishes

good nighT!

13 hours in and i am a little mad. some supper yar

its going to be the set for a three minute BBC SMP advert! HA ha

an amazing building:

Hi Georgia,

I’m working for Neville Rae at Old School Fabrications- thanks for getting in touch.

I left a voicemail with you.  If you are able to commit please do get in touch this evening and we can start up tomorrow morning.  We’re starting off on 2days but it’s likely there will be more.

Thursday 9th and Friday 10th February.

We will be working for B:Spoke, a fabrication company based in Musselburgh.  Unit 4/4, Inveresk Mills Industrial Park, Musselburgh, East Lothian, EH21 7UQ  http://www.b-spoke.com/  They are just starting out constructing film sets and need artists to paint a row of houses. 

We’ve a really tight schedule and budget so we need to start at 8am working through 5pm at a rate of £60/day. Overtime will be paid at £8/hour.

The warehouse is big, noisy and cold so you will need to wear warm layers, hats, gloves etc and substantial shoes: old clothes are best as you are likely to get paint on them.  There is a road-snack van in the car park but I would recommend bringing along a packed lunch. There wont be an opportunity to nip to the shops once you arrive. A wee kitchen in the studio houses a sink, microwave and kettle. I’m sure a hot soup will be welcome after a few hours graft!


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