Each participant must anonymously drop off one piece of there own artwork in CO2 . We ask that everybody places their work in a line by the wall. (Perhaps participants could ask a friend to drop off the artwork; to avoid anyone involved seeing which artwork belongs to whom.)


A circle will be marked on the floor and all participating artists will assume a position around the circle as they arrive in the room. When everybody is in the room, we will have formed a circle, facing inwards (looking at each other.)


One person will go and collect the first artwork in the line, pick it up and bring it back to the circle. This person will begin the discussion, they will talk about the artwork as if it is their own piece, describing the aesthetic values and presenting the ideas behind the artwork, as they interpret it. They must speak for about 5 minutes.


After the original speaker has finished presenting the artwork they pass it on the next person in the circle. The next person then repeats the process of interpretation and presents their ideas about the artwork. Every person in the circle will have the same amount of time to speak about the art work in turn.


When the last person has finished speaking about the first artwork they will return it to its original position in the line by the wall and pick up the next art work in the line. They will then speak about that art work for the same amount of time, and then pass it on. All artworks will all be discussed in the same way, for the same amount of time, by everybody.


We want the room to echo the idea of Osmosis, a natural process of things coming and going, with no beginning and no end. We want to take away all choice from the individual in terms of talking about things which they understand or like or even dislike. Everyone will be challenged to speak about everything and we will all be rewarded by hearing every student’s critique of our own artwork. We hope that by keeping the artist anonymous and removing ownership of the artworks within the room, that interpretations of the artworks will be free, fluid and honest. Un-curated, responses to artworks.


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