closing throat

squirming and dry

anxious ly

aware that what will happen may involve some fear

it is minus six here

in to the moment:

we drive and think and the

radio sing   calmer moments.

And then we saw the stones we were aiming for.

Parked car and zipped into protection we crossed the barbed wire

to become part of a place and some moments that

instigated high peace coursing round all

inside and outside

camera posed sir Meiklien shot 15 seconders

as I whirled around energised in the middle of the night

by the solitary atmosphere and situation we had come to be a part of.

throat wide and easy

open gaping the game was to stay warm but to allow our souls to remain fuelled by the charged brilliance of this pure Earth for as long as we could bare

this was a struggle and balancing act betwixt mind, body and soul, each rising and falling in importance

and guiding the self

in and out of

ultimate pleasure and then we would slip into physical discomfort

only to be re enlivened by the recognition of the wonderment we had become part of

just by joining the world

All in a stew of mirth beneath the dazzling sky

shadows prominent in the streaming moon light


three giant stones

Two Hearts

the fields of ice

toes of pain

eyes lit up with the connection so longed for

humans in equality with earth and sky  and all creations

we were all one

and happy.


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