For the Roslin Institute. 200 words & details of images. Georgia Rose Murray 2012.

 My work relates to the Roslin Institution in terms of my fascination with humbling landscapes. I feel that experiencing the sublime breaks down all conceptions of hierarchy between the Earth, Humans and Animals and highlights a powerful unity amongst all living things.

Recently I have made two trips: One to North- West Scotland and one to South- East Asia. Experiencing landscapes in different compass directions is presently important in my work, as I explore the tensions and gather an awareness of the similarities and differences between Eastern and Western lands.

 I went to Ullapool in search of inherently Scottish peaks and light. I was met with 80mph winds each day and torrential rain. I was enveloped by the amazing landscape and longed to be part of it despite the unkind weather. After many walks at dawn and dusk I indentified a wonderful sense of peace, it was haunting and one evening I experienced the sublime. I was held betwixt wanting to run for shelter and lay down, limbs outstretched soaking up the terrific feeling.

 Hiking in Hong Kong I witnessed huge peaks which I have been compelled to replicate with paint inEdinburgh. Working on large surfaces seems imperative to me, in the reproduction of large experiences. 


Title: Blue X six.  

Dimensions: 3.5 meters of a 10 meter roll of Cartridge paper.

Medium: Taiwanese watercolour paint.

Date of production: 28th of December 2011.

Image taken whilst working in An Tallas Solais studio, Ullapool. I imagine this piece could be displayed standing against a wall with the remainder of the roll rolled up at either end, as this section I’d like to show is in the middle of the roll. Or it could be displayed on the floor, as it was painted.


Title:CentralPeak, H. K.

Dimensions: 5 meters X 1.5 meters.

Medium: Taiwanese pigment with water.

Date of production: 26th– 29th of January 2012.

I photographed this painting from above but imagine it displayed upright by nailing the top edge to a wall, (a nail every several inches.)



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