today i woke to rain and stormy gusts

i headed up CNOC NA CROICHE and down again

to see five blues

to the thrashing waves

tipping aboard our land deck

wet feet and head


feel new. dry. rucksack. fresh. coat. boots. march. key. studio. radiator anticlockwise on. breakfast. draw

the five blues i saw

now six

and now

paint the fading layers.

i was happily condemed to the painting room today. the rain was made from sheets and was sent down at driving speeds.

i braved the howls for a slip onto the shells and stones

and i danced with the jumping froth rareing white horses or were they dipping feathers? Swooping white wings, they were both all interchanging tromp l’oiel like Escher’s fish birds

and it has been hard to paint with minimal energy the whole thing of being part of this world is huge and wonderful and all the elements that are feeding into the creation (jigs titled horizontal skipping against gusts up rocks and along the shore, finding fule- today there was life again post christmas holy_days and i fed upon soup in a cosy cafe. And existing takes energy when a flop is desired, alone, means desisions all about cha pour bedtime?)

And after the achievement, after the painting was made

pride in realising that seeming effortless painting was actually a huge piece of production 

A work in which I had learned to make an idea and a realization come together as an observational work which concretes my notion of a view. I have really learnt to paint distance today and I have painted snow and sky and it is a work of

big it shows how I feel about this place



I have not spent too much time theorizing about how to paint

Each night  I seem to know what I want to do tomorrow

And then I visit the place to have a look at the view and then it is in me and I


Paint it out


A Satisfactory trip of freedom and wonderment and loneliness and cathartic space and cREATION

I love the peace which is wild and I am exhilarated by it and by the of the space which is enthralling but the  emptiness from loved ones is not a total pleasure but it is essential to be engaged in working in the way I am

My total life here is contributing to end points of creation

What is happenings is happening because it is all me going into it



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