light my colours

this morning my soul friend mother murray set sail south east

downwards into the angleterrian land

Christmas days were wild with thrashing storms, laughter walks with tilted bodies from windy gusts

dancing waves and danced we, along the shore shifted by the jigging skies. Soaked and pools, and then luxury

warm things inside and out. A haven home: The Ceilidh Place. Our Christmas holiday good place.

Today I have become a resident within An Talla Solice, communicaty studio. ULLAPOOL

It was spooky in the twilight walking beneath an ore inspiring sky

I felt humble as part of a world

it is exciting and bewildering to not understand in SOME ways. The sea here is like a creature I am not sure how to treat. It is wonderful and I want to leap into the waves and also stay back and let them crash without me

THE HOUR BETWIXT DOG AND WOLF. Disconcerting but amazing

To feel respectful

To be on the edge of sublime. Uncomfortable and ensnaring and inviting and scary

I long for contact and to not be alone and to be in warmth

I had soup by the fire by candle light

I read The burrowers while I ate

the world the sun, I wish to see you in the morning shine ON me

light my colours and the mountain tops!

Here we come together sun and I 27/12/11 .

Dear Emma, i am in the high north, i’m hiring a studio and staying in a sweet little bunkhouse! Its cold and beautiful and there is snow on the mountains and there are dancing waves and a colourful christmas tree swaying on the peer! I longed to paint somewhere scottish after the Asian time and didnt know what to do for christicle as Edd etc wer in HK, so Mar and I came up here on christmas eve and stayed in the cosiest little Scottish-kippers-and-porridge-for-breakfast-hotel. She journeyed back to Northumber today and im staying up for a while. There is a lovely sense of peace and its a little lonely too but there are friendly people and there is time to make colours do heart happy things:).


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