experimentation with material surfaces and mugs of watery

based paint

is happening and i am working on large areas

i wear socks usually

and not shoes also

because it feels important to work on soft with soft and clean

i have been scrubbing and washing and pouring paint. placement is to do with filling areas and marking out stories. I jump onto tables to look down on the floor, or

skip up and down ladders to mark our the vertical



its sort of about creating a composition which is partially concerned with what is that feeling, lets make it physical. and partially concerned with how far can i push the way i am applying paint down the slope of ‘badly put on’. apply or SCRUB or pour and swoosh but definitely fill. in the time i have

time is a factor.

EXPERIMENTATION WITH PRIMED MATERIAL (PVA/ eau.) OIL/ TURPS, not successful, far too absorbent of expensive liquids minus any very exciting end in a satisfactory amount of time

any painting is exciting but some painting does not capture all of the elements of alive wonder that alivens moi  


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