this is like a diary of a significant moments

beauty and the beast press night. friday. a remove and resolve a telling a seeing in all ways a round view which is good a sort of quite whole perspective. and there was trying to write and there was an opening and there were unicorn shoes on the carpet rouge and there were drinks on the house and there was a kinder egg full of mad.dnesshead and dancing and sleeping with a headache and getting up and feeling good and painting in a giant room. this is the next day.

there was Kenny hunters talk too, really insightful.nice to be exposed to wonderful conversations within the college intitution.

and i am really looking forward to my triad because my groups conversations will be majorly slanted by our take on language which is oif great interestand inspiration as i write and ponder the use of language and its inclusion and exclusive qualities when one is unaware of which sounds mean what, mandarin, english, japanese i am from taipei oip


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