studio conversations inspiration

lifting of old cloths

bridging tentative crossings


great to speak about the material in terms of finding the optimum tools and surfaces to create

with and upon.

talking to painters about painting is satisfying.

its good to talk about paint and applying it

there are lots of different sorts of paint

it is a challenge to be exploring the use of water based paint on a large scale.

i used water based paint for 15 months in Taiwan for practical reasons

i made lots of uncharacteristic small paintings on thin paper

or pieces of mount board.

i paint on small surfaces for practical reasons and the confining edges can be useful in causing the necessity to create quick compositions. Usually i am stifled by too smaller surface however the images i made in Taiwan were expressive and the intense heat made working small on the floor appealing and it was ideal. I work in small sketch books and i find them satisfactory


and lines

of words.

Expanding boundaries is something to be constantly consciously striving for and i try to do so. I want to use that shape as a surface, well try a different shape.




pieces of material are the present investigation (the idea of working upon a long shape was instigated in response to images of the R.C.A. white space. I made a piece, carried it down and exhibited it on the 18th of November.) 

Excess curtain material is my acquired surface in play at the moment. Experimenting with alternative surfaces began due to concerns about a lack of money to sustain a method of painting on highly primed boards which i love. I find the movement of paint, applied with a large brush e


tension of my arm,

onto a shiny smooth white board

to be a beaut i f u l   process to be instigating partaking amongst;

the magic that happens betwixt the mind and a surface  *


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