Graeme Todd, Jonathon, Ellyce, Gregor and I met in CO2 to begin discussing Gregor’s plaster prints.

Lovely works which portray a beautiful sense of mysterious natural light.

The natural twi-light available at the time of his opening the previous friday created the perfect ambiance to echo the projected film piece playing in the

other room.

Really beneficial to be presented with concepts and ideas that other artists are grAPPling with. I was really enthused by the methods of research gathering that Ellyce is contemplating.

Jon’s use of colour and form,

his placement and construction of both,

are a pleasure to consider.

We are creatively motivated by different starting points but share a passion for the quality of the materials we use. discussing materials in larger groups is regularly a nice occurence in C28.

I felt confident when speaking about my work

and feel

to feel the freedom to do what feels correct

is what drives my work most positively.

so i wont say too many words

what is happening is happening


and perhaps it’ll feel ok to really analizzle in diblle depth when i am not in the middle of a piece of work to take down to

exhib i t   in


It needs to be finished tomorro

so i need to do it

not think or write about it



i do like lilac at the moment and i probably will a while at least and i might for a long time.


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