Hi Erin and Georgia,

Thank you so much for talking about your work yesterday and also for
listening to me talk about mine. It was a like breath of fresh air
hearing about someone elses work and seeing its development. I’m so
sorry Georgia for asking you loads of questions when I was doing the
listening role bit! I have to say I found the whole thing a little
nerve wracking although I can see the benefits of it as an exercise.

The artists I was thinking about Georgia, was Hiroshi Sugimoto’s
seascapes and also Shomei Tomatsu. I think there is a strong
meditative, almost hypnotic quality to their work.

I’d love to come an visit and see both your work later on in the year.
Best of luck with it all.


HI Linda

Thank you for your lovely email.

I found the crit much more intense and also nerve racking than i had
expected. I thought it would be a lot more realxed. I think it was
interesting and it was great to do it in our group of three, as we didnt
know much or anything about each others work before yesterday.

No need to appologise for asking questions! I found it hard not to
answer! All the way through the three presentations it was difficult
not to respond and cut in with ideas. I found fulfilling the role of observer most
difficult as it feels so unatural to hold back opinions.
It is difficult to slot into a role but adopting foriegn characteristics seems to be something
we are required to do quite a lot on this course… Perhaps a skill to embrace.

Would you be happy for me to paste these emails into my blog? No
worries if not, perhaps i could just use mine? And i will not include
your name if you dont want. Just realised our honest response to the
process of ‘triad crits’ is interesting.

Hope to visit and see your photos soon.

Have a happy day!


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