On the 24th of October 2011:

The myStery was cLarIFIed.

The speakers role was presented as much more serious than anyone in our group had predicted and we were instructed to give a presentation about our work- as if we were in an interview. We had not prepared to fulfill this expectation but managed to improvise sufficiently informative and successfully interesting 10 minute long lengths of spoken words.

Physical narration around the studio space was essential, as language in images speaks clearly.

Adopting the subjective role of tutor was an interesting position to be in. Enthusing in terms of the necessity to speed-think on the spot to share idea, draw comparisons to other work and artists we know and suggest innovative paths for the speaker to contemplate navigating along to expand their ideas and broaden their thinking.

I found the observers role was the most difficult to perform within. The observer is required to objectively summarise what the speaker and the listener has said. Locking away all opinion and interest is unnatural and grim and in some cases


After a rotation of three presentations and reactions we felt that the process had been beneficial and i particularly thought that my lack of preparation had proved useful in terms of succinctly realising what is happening in my studio presently. In the instance i found searching my mind and studio walls for stimulus to tell the story most informatively to be satisfying and it was enlightening to me too.

On the other hand i think a small amount of preparation before the next crit will ensure i reflect on all that is most problematic or interesting, things which i would benefit from vocalising and receiving feedback





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