A contemplative discussion.

it is theorising about new ways of working

new materials

different surfaces.

All a pleasure to contemplate-

exciting to think of


New connections; Pathways flitting between thoughts, memories, experiences, images. 

the excitement of providing space to allow

creative jigsaws to be built.

What does it mean to make a painting and display it unconventionally? Not hung on a wall.

The Cascade Falls exhibition, last friday in CO2 presented interesting questions to do with how works are presented.

Ye Hu’s works were placed at an ideal height to make us look down, in a similar way to how he will look down when creating his final pieces- photographic documentation of his collected objects.

I have a large board to paint on. I made it (Max made it,) to act as a flat surface to pin and prime canvas on. But now i have it i think it is a shame not to use the lovely smooth surface as the base layre of a great big painting.

I am using one pound thirty pence pieces of card to paint on, and found cardboard and old boards and i received a parcel of canvas. It is the canvas i had intended to cut up and prime in 2 X 3 m pieces but now i have unfolded it and seen in its entirety, I 

do not




the wonderful expanse.

A liberating surface 50 times bigger than me. 

So i am going to ask sir security man for a ladder and hang it up high and have a proper look. It’s too big to unfold upon the floorboarders.

And i think i might paint on my nice big board, as a board. I have primed it up ready for some glossy slip.

In discussion with Graeme we thought about the board being presented as a floor standing work, similar to a Japanese silk screen. As my work is largely involving oriental landscapes from memory, photographs and sketchbook depictions, this seem to be an apt idea to grApple with.

I plan to speak to the artists involved in the Japan/ Scotland exhibition, presently installed in The sculpture Court. Why is there such a connection between western and eastern artsists at the moment? Or is it just that at this moment i am aware of the connection?


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