My first tutorial with Graeme Todd and our group crit made me realize that a lot of the work I made over the last year and a half, whilst in Taiwan is still charged with unresolved expression and I feel powerfully emotionally connected when I deal with the work. I am unsure about sharing it as the subject matter is so delicate and intimate and not completely resolved for me. Is a point of resolution when painters usually share their work? Ie this is finished lets exhibit it. These things are not finished but I don’t even know if im ready to discuss them in a relaxed studio context yet. I want to make them more solid first I think, to solidify them may shore me up creating a robust shield. 

Our group critique was really constructive. It’s good to explain work to strangers people with fresh ideas and new inputs.   

FRESH is positive.

Good to externalize whirring contemplations and have things confirmed/ questioned. Good to have some new artists to relate my work to. Jon and Simone suggested a couple- Forth to le lib books. It is wonderful to be a member of an art school library once more.

Good to express concerns about finances and realise that money should not be too much of an obsticle. I want to paint so I will, on what ever surface I can acquire.

Best not to agonize.


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