at the moment-

t    i     m     e

and how to spend it

seems to be the trickiest element of life to juggle


I am practicing spending moments wisely, in order to accomplish all of the tasks i decide are essential. And I am learning to distinguish betwiXt  what is necessary and what is not. s o. n e c essar y. I think it is a very basic thing to master but I do believe it is a skill.

Just re adjusting to this Scottish land requires thought and energy. I strive to do so consciously and continuously analysing the vast differences and strange similarities between the eastern and western worlds.

I am soon to be the age of a quarter of a century, which seems to be a significant piece of a lifetime.

I would like to ascend a peak in celebration. 

Presently I feel that i am required to be more grownup than i have ever been, as although in the past i have had fulltime jobs and made a home in another continent and now i am having quite a pleasant time being a student, i am also working to fund all aspects of existence and the element of time skipping so speedily by can prove difficult

and frustrating, as ideas



need to be side-lined, in order to allow time to m a k e    m o n ey.


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